88-92 3rd gen Toyota Cresta (JZX/GX81)

 This gen of the Cresta from what I understand is similar to the US version Cressida. The car came with a few different motors, 7M, 1JZ, 1G in 2.0L to 3.0 straight six. N/A, supercharged, turbocharged and twin turbocharged.
FR with 4AT/5MT. This car is a drift and VIP favorite!

My friend had one of these and I loved the way it looked with the fog lights near the grill.

I wanted my MX83 to have this conversion, but it never happened.

I found a pic that someone posted that showed the difference between JZX and GX 81 version between a Mark II, Crest and Chaser. Which I had to look at to make sure I got the right front end. Sometimes I can be easy to mix things up.

Digital gauge cluster

credit - high top fade