91-96 3rd gen Toyota Camry/Scepter (XV10)

4 door sedan
One of my friends was a camry person. He had nothing but Camrys at his house. He had a coupe version of this Camry and it was the first time I have seen a Camry coupe.

This Camry is also called the Scepter in Japan.

The Camry of this generation was the first of the wide bodies. The layout is FF with either a 2.2 4 cylinder or V6 with 4spd automatic.

5 door wagon

Scepter rear

from Toyotanation forums

from Toyotanation forums

 In the early 2000's, there were companies that made parts for many cars. Aerogear was one of them. Eurebuni was one of the original body kit makers in the US. During this era, there were people who modified other car parts to fit their cars. So you see some great creativity. Many of these companies have disappeared and so has many of the parts that were made for this car. But let's look at some stuff that used to offered.

Dope wagon!!!

These are the ones I am also familiar with. I've seen tons of them in junkyard!!! Here in the US, it was offered with a 4 cylinder and also a V6!!! and in 3 versions: Sedan, Wagon and coupe. In Australia, it was offered as the Vienta.

 When I got into the car scene, we had a rival crew that would challenge us at the street races.

One guy had a Camry V6 and all our Accords would take him out.
But to be fair, These were heavy cars and there was barely an aftermarket available for them. While Accords had plenty!

The Camry was only offered FF after this! 2.2L inline 4 and the 3.0L V6 were offered.


In Japan, this was also given the name Scepter.

In Australia, the V6 was called the Vienta. The Camry was also called the Holden Apollo. 


Camry V6 versions in Austrlia = Vienta

While I'm not a huge fan of stance cars, I admire people's work! credit - fuelgarden

Many of these cars were from the 2000's era, when the import car scene was exploding and many companies made parts for a variety of cars. Camry included.

While these parts are not available anymore, I want to document these images as somewhat of a gallery.

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