91-97 Mazda Efini MS-9/929/1st gen Sentia (HD5S)

The last gen 929 (at least in America). I wouldn't mind this generation and I've seen a couple in the Junkyards as of late... solid body, probably engine issues. 
These are FR and the last of the big Mazda sedans to have a RWD format (in America). The motor was a V6 with either the 2.5 or 3.0. I dont know why these never caught on in America, but I always dug them. 

Unlike the previous Luce/929, there was never a rotary option.

In Japan, there were 2 versions. The Efini MS-9 and Mazda Sentia, like many others, slight differences.
In US, it was the Mazda 929.
In Canada, it was the Serenia. It was limited in sales there as well.

Wow... looks too interesting!