Look what my dog did - from g35driver.com

I remember when this happened and I couldn't stop laughing. Poor guy.
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Credit to - 98intrigue and G35driver.com  CLASSIC!

So story goes.... I drove home to Tampa to see this girl that I met on my cruise a few weeks back. I go inside to let the girl know I was there, not thinking she wouldn't be off yet. So I'm waiting for her to get off work and I left my dog in the car for 10 minutes. I go check on her and everything is fine. Then 5 minutes later, I go to put something in my car anddddd this is what I see

I spent 8 hours cleaning the interior. Unfortunately, it got in all the little holes in the seats. I did everything I could...from using a terry towel, a brush, and even a tooth brush. Nothing would take it out of the holes. I sprayed probably 10x as much leather cleaner/condtioner as I should have to attempt to relieve the smell. FAIL! My car still smells like crap. I sprayed it down with Lexolleather conditioner a few days ago, which helped a little...but the crap smell is just as bad after sitting in the sun for more than 10 minutes. 

EDIT: Since I now know this is all over the internet now, I want to point out a few things. I know this was my fault. In regards to the G37 comment...I'm not a spoiled rich kid. I get it from everyone because I'm young, but every dollar in this car is mine and I've worked my *** off for it. My dog was in the car at night, with temps in the low 70s. The windows were half way down and the sunroof was open. I did my best to accommodate her. The car was in my sight the entire time...I could see her moving around in my car, unfortunately I didn't see her pooping. My dog was sick for 3 days following this incident...I've never once fed her table scraps or any food other than dog food. And the smell is pretty much gone. Lexol FTW!