93-97 7th gen Toyota Corolla, wagon, RV seca, liftback (AE101/2/3/9)

This was the Corolla I was used to. These were prominent in the Philippines. The real enthusiasts built these and made some awesome builds with this format.
Typical economy car like the civic. While not as abundant in parts as the civic, there was an aftermarket for these. 

Corollas were common cars and with that said, they are tons of variations around the world. 

Typically in America, base model version. 4 door sedan and 5 door wagon.

Typical sedan

Wagon version

Wagon Version

In other parts of the world:

Sprinter Marino and Ceres were 4 door pillared Hardtops

AE101 Levins and Sprinter Trueno

Highroof van

 In Europe:

Corolla Liftback

3 door hatchback

3 door hatchback

Australia/New Zealand's liftback 
 Toyota Corolla (AE102R) RV Seca 5-door hatchback 

Below are examples of body kits.


Huge following in the Philippines