90-05 1st gen Acura NSX (NA1/2)

Okay, when I got into the car scene, 1998, THE CARS THAT WERE ICONS in the states was the Toyota Supra, Acura NSX and Mazda RX-7

Those were the Pinnacle of the imports IMO.

While the Supra and RX-7 were pricey... they were not unreachable. The NSX was still $80,000 in 2000. That will always be the argument, if it was an overpriced/overrated car.

The original NSX came with pop up headlights. Mid engine (C30A, 3.0 DOHC Vtec) with either 4AT or 5MT. RWD.

Wings West
 There were different stages for the NSX. Type 1 was the original. Type II, had the side marker light on the fender.

In the early 2000s Honda NSX was upgraded. This was Type III.

Headlights upgraded.


What once seemed impossible for regular people to get an NSX, proved to be wrong as many people have picked them up and built them!!!


credit - stancenation.com