89-94 6th gen Mazda Protege'/323/Familia (BG)

Shouts out to family at clubprotege.com

I actually liked the 323 hatchback. But also the Familia is very popular in the Philippines.
In America, the sedan is called the Mazda Protege' and 323 hatchback and wagon. They were offered with a variety of motors, but I think mainly in the US 1.3-1.8L motors were offered.

I had my friend in Scotland had a 91 323 GT-X 4WD turbo. Nice little car, and mostly ignored in the US except by enthusiasts!

 While most in the US were fwd, there is a AWD version with turbo. This is the GT-X model.

I dont't believe I have seen the mid wing on these hatchbacks.

But from what I read on protegeclub, they are in demand, especially the OEM ones.

The sedans were very popular in the Philippines due to this model being very abundant like civics.

There was also a 5 door hatchback/ wagon version.

The US version tail lights were obviously different. The center garnish had this curve towards the license plate. In the Familia version, it is just a flat center garnish.