87-90 Nissan Vanette/Largo (GC22)

80's Toaster vans ARE THE BIZ!!!!

I love the Toyota Van and Mitsubishi Van as well. Anyone who knows me, knows I love vans. The Nissan Van is a rare piece. Some people say they are not as cool as Toyota vans. I've never been in a Nissan Vanette, but one guy who was on TVT posted his and sold it. These pictures are from his posts.

If you don't know the history of the Nissan vans, well, the engine would catch fire. Nissan in America put in a 2.4L motor (bigger) to handle things that Americans wanted, such as AC. The motor would catch fire. Nissan eventually did a buy back and DESTROYED these vans. There were recall fixes and the ones that did survive and weren't turned in appear to have had these repairs done.

Trunk up

rear glass up