Rant - FWD vs RWD, Honda Hate, double edged sword.. RELEVANCE AND RICE

I seen these stupid arguments on what people felt was better. I never cared about these posts.

I've seen RWD guys and AWD guys talk bad about Hondas, but many of them were either into Hondas or did not come up when the scene was dominated by Hondas.

So the generalization that Hondas is that if you build one, you are a ricer. I know there are some questionable styling ques that people dont like, but I've seen people do something to their Honda and people say that is "rice", but it would be done an a 240sx and that would not be "rice". This can go with a spoiler or wheels or stickers or body kits.

People would often look at older pictures on the internet from when people were trying to do something with their car.

Finding a photo in 2002 when Atlezza tail lights were everywhere and trying to make it "relevant" today as rice.

Also, people that never built a Honda would put down Hondas because "they are slow". And at times they would find a picture or meme with a swapped motor in a Honda.

I remember when ricer was applying to anyone building a Japanese car. Asian = rice. Asian racer = ricer. Of course ideas change and people form it to what it is today. Rice is a negative term now.

Style is subjective. There are tons of bad examples of cars done wrong, cars with parts that dont match or even cars that people put time and energy into. Many are show cars and people have gone all out to change everything. Of course to a person who is only thinking of racing or drifting or stance... these this are irrelevant in their perspective, but they have to voice their displeasure about it.. unless it is their buddy.

As the say, "To each his own".

What is sad is that people subscribe to the notion that anything FWD or Honda is a waste of time and of course, that is subjective in itself, but what happen to people who enjoyed cars and admired the build process regardless of make and model?