90-94 4th gen Toyota Tercel (L40)

This is the Tercel I know of. I joined tercelonline.com back in the days to learn more about this car. I didn't understand why people were not building these when a Starlet swap was available. But this was during the Honda fever era (early 2000s).

This gen Tercel was offered in North America as a 2 coupe or 4 door sedan. FF layout with 1.5L motor offered with 4AT or 5MT.

2 Door coupes were not sold outside of North America. Additionally, in Japan, A hatchback was offered and the sedan was offered in AWD.

Original sunken headlights
updated flush headlights.

I never saw duraflex body kits back in the day. Erebuni and Wings West might have had something available. 

Cleanest Tercel I've seen!

Starlet swap!