1st gen Acura TSX Manual swap information

I got this from ClubTSX.com



OK! So here is the OFFICIAL MT swap thread! Thanks go to Jason(CCColtsIcehocky), Marcus at HeelToe Automotive, and MugenCL9. 

Below is a complete parts list. Prices are listed and will vary upon condition and availability. 
*See page 3 for Mugen's parts list as he posted it. I edited it for space and neatness reasons.*

I warn to whoever chooses to take on this swap that there are a couple parts that are no long made. I work on cars a lot so I wasn’t bother with some of the issues that I encounter but this is NOT an easy task that anyone can just do. All of the parts are pretty much bolts right up but it’s the clutch master cylinder that will give you a lot of issue since there isn’t much room to install and drill holes for. My motor was out and I couldn’t imagine doing this swap if the motor was in. 

Here is a comprehensive parts list (Supplied by MugenCL9):

Transmission: $500+



Clutch System: $215

Prefill clutch system (Complete system: clutch cylinder, slave cylinder, hard lines, ect.) 46940-SEA-A02
If you can find this then you’re extremely lucky but I had to buy the parts individually!!!

Slave cylinder 46930-S7C-E02 $44

Slave cylinder bolts 90106-S7A-E00 $1.50 (2)

Clutch fluid tank 46965-S6A-013 $33

Clutch fluid tank holder 46966-SDA-A02 $5

Clutch fluid tube 46971-SDA-A01 $4.50

Clutch fluid bolt 93403-06012-08 $.65

Clutch master cylinder 46920-S7A-A03 $91

Clutch master cylinder bolts 94050-08080 $.20 (2)

CMC lock pin 46911-S70-003 $1.60

Clutch pedal pin 46912-S84-A00 $2

Clutch hard line A 46960-SEA-A01 $14
(This is a part that is no longer available so I had to use the one from the Honda accord even though it is slightly different but it wouldn’t matter because the rest of my lines weren’t OEM hardlines since I used braided steel lines instead) 

Clutch hard line A (accord) 46960-SDA-A04 $9

Clutch hard line B 46970-SDA-A01 $5.5

Clutch pipe bracket A 46995-SDA-A02 $10

Clutch pipe bracket B 46968-SDP-A02 $10

Clutch hose 46961-SDA-A02 $11.50

Brake hose clip 90651-538-000 $3

Bolt washer 93403-06016-08 $.60

Special bolt 90001-P7J-000 $1 (2)

Clutch pedal 46910-SDA-A01 $60

Brake pedal 46600-SEA-G01 $50


Shift boot 83415-SEC-A01ZB $23

Shift boot screws 93903-22320 $.25 (4)

Shift Lever:

Shift lever 54100-SEC-A02 $78

Shift lever bolts 93405-08035-08 $1 (4)

Shifter bushings 54117-SDA-A01 $1 (4)

Shifter floating collar 54119-SDA-A01 $1.5 (4)

Knob is up to you to choose from.

Shift Cables:

Shift cables 54310-SDA-L02 $100

Cable bolts 95701-06016-08 $.50 (4)

Cable plate 54357-SF1-003 $3

Wire washer 54118-S10-000 $2

Split pins 94201-20350 $1.50 (3)

Cable stay 24601-RAP-010 $29

Cable stay bolts 95701-08060-08 $1 (2)

Cable stay bolt 95701-08070-08 $1

Transmission mounts:

MT front lower mount 50850-SDA-A10 $35

MT front lower mount bolts 90166-SEA-E10 $2.50 (2)

MT F/R lower mount nuts 90371-S87-A00 $1 (4)

MT rear lower mount 50860-SDA-A12 $17

MT rear lower mount bolts 90165-SEA-E11 $1 (2)

MT upper mount 50870-SEA-E01 $38

MT upper stopper plate 50875-SDA-A11 $4

MT upper mount bolt 90166-SEA-E10 $2

MT upper mount bolt 90162-SDA-A00 $.55

MT upper mount bolts 95701-10045-08 $1 (2)

Upper mount bracket bolt 95701-12075-07 $1.50

Upper mount bracket bolt 95701-12060-07 $1.50

Upper mount bracket 50670-SEA-E11 $27
(Find a wreck MT TSX for it because the ACCORD’s bracket is different and wouldn’t work)

Half shaft:

Half shaft 44500-SDA-A00 $185

Half shaft bolts 90102-SF1-000 $4 (2)

Half shaft bolt 90165-SE0-000 $2

AT and MT axles are the same

AT and MT radiator are different in a sense that the AT radiatorhas more lines coming out from it that goes through the ATtransmission so I pretty much just plug all the on that goes to the AT so I wouldn't have to buy a new one.

MT radiator 19010-RBB-E01 $240

MT gauges 78120-SEC-A11 $475


I used an AT harness with the AT ECU so the clutch pedal sensor wasn’t required so pretty much I was required to press on theclutch pedal to start the car.

I could never imagine trying to replace AT harness with the MT harness since that means removing the WHOLE DASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pedal and the clutch cylinder is the most difficult part in the sway!!!! The clutch pedal assembly is NOT a direct bolt on and a fabricated bracket is required to bolt on the pedal. The big issue you will encounter is installing the CM cylinder.

Like most Hondas in the past the MT and AT fire wall were the same so it made it extremely simple to do a MT swap but for the TSX it isn’t!!!