77-78 1st gen Datsun 810 (810 Maxima) / 5th gen Nissan 810 Bluebird

The US spec Datsun 810 was offered in North America in a sedan or wagon.

 Jorge (archetype Datsun on IG) told me this:

"chassis are different 810 from 77-78 sedan irs suspension, ball steering & wagon solid axle, had round headlights with the nicer grills, & headlight bezels just one engine option L24E autotragic or 4 speed manual analog clock some interior color and trim differences. 79-80 had square headlights and different grill and headlight bezels and digital clocks they also introduced the 810 2dr hardtop coupe in auto or 5 speed exclusive to the coupe. Sedans and wagons remained the same for auto and 4 speed manual."

I believe in the US, the 4 door sedan and Wagon were available. I would always seen Bluebird parts available for the 810 and 811 being sold and asked why some of the 810 guys didn't buy and I was told that some of the stuff was for the short nose (I believe the US is long nose due to the inline 6).

The layout is FR.

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