83 Datsun Maxima digital gauge cluster/dash

Building my collection in digital dashes, and got this one today.

It was from an 83 Datsun Maxima. I didn't even know these came in these in these cars. I've only gotten a taste of these cars from a few guys that have owned them.

While I was taking this one apart, I noticed the speedo cable attached to the back.

Also, noting that some wires have been spliced, leading me to think that this might have been in another car. Pictures below.

From the 810/910 Maxima owner's FB page, I was told that the digital gauge cluster came in the special edition which included leather seats (which this one had).

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 A few screws and it was loose.

Gauge's Yellow to harness Yellow with black stripe

Gauge's Black to harness Yellow with blue stripe.

Cluster green to harness black

3 wires that were spliced in.

Speedo cable


  1. The 3 wires are not spliced in, it came like that ;-) Wanna sell the cluster? I need a fuel gauge...


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