94-98 Infinit I30 aka Cefiro (A32) and Wagon (WA32)

The Infiniti I30 took over the J30. It totally changed the format as the Infiniti I30 was FF. The VQ30DE V6 was the only option for motor as also with AT.

Infiniti wanted to continue the 30 line. Initially starting with the M30, then with the J30 and now to this version.

Being Infiniti, it was all luxury.

In Japan, it is called the A32 Cefiro. The A31 Cefiro is famous for being a RWD drift car.

Being Japan's car scene, they still build this model up.

Diana Kit at Mogen Speed

Maybe there was mid generational upgrade at some point or maybe in Australia? Here is the rear end
with different tail lights.

Wagon version kinda thuggish! Yeah!

Damn that rear looking heavy!!! I'm diggin it.

I love camper conversions!