07-14 3rd gen Mazda Demio (DE3FS/3AS / DEJFS/5FS ) Mazda 2 (USA)

While I can't say how cool the Demio was, I can say the US basic version of the Mazda 2 wasn't too bad. I rented one for a weekend. 

I am always happy to get a Japanese car to test it out. The Mazda 2 wasn't too bad.

Peppy on the gas pedal.
Seriously, near empty and $15 filled it up!
4 door, but kinda cramped.
For the back seats, there is no back light (putting in my kids' seats).
Touch button trunk opener.
Hmm.. Am I missing the engine temp gauge?

No dome light in the back.. kinda sucked.

Basic tray with no compartment... can't conceal things

I find it attractive, even though it is a basic naked car.

On the other hand in Japan......

So this generation go the Skyactiv stuff. Not only that, this version was available with the 1.3 DOHC Miller Cycle motor. CVT transmission, 4 AT or 5 MT. FF and AWD!!!

I couldn't imagine having all those goodies in that small car!!!!


No amber turn signal


3 Door Hatchback version only sold in Europe:

Sedan Version - In South East Asia and Australia