NX 1600 Digital gauge to S13 - HellsDrifter 666 and Nurvcom from Zilvia.net

First you need
1. NX1600 Digital cluster with PIG TAILS

2. NX1600 Digital Speed Sensor or maybe sohc ka24e speed sensor

3. NX1600 Temp Sensor or sohc s13 temp maybe

4. 240sx DOHC Cluster Harness or SOHC Cluster Harness

5. Tape or shrink tubing

6. Wire cutters

7. 10mm 12mm for temp and speed sensor

S13 dohc harness and nx pig tails

Far Left White plug
s13 ~~~~ nx
Red/blk ~ green/White 2wire white plug
yellow/purple? ~ yellow/blk yellow plug
yellow/white ~ yellow/green white plug
yellow/green ~ yellow white plug
white/red ~ yellow/red yellow plug
green ~ blue and yellow wire from blk plug and yellow plug
red/white ~ red/white yellow plug
blk ~ blk blk plug
blue/blk ~ yellow/green blk plug

center white plug s13
s13 ~ nx
green/yellow ~ green/yellow yellow plug
red/green ~ blk white plug
green/blk ~ green/blk white plug
blk ~ blk yellow plug
white/ blk ~ red/blk white plug
yellow/red ~ blue/blk blk plug
blue ~ red/yellow blk plug
yellow/blk ~ red blk plug

black s13 plug right side

s13 ~ NX
red ~ orng/blk white plug
yellow/blue ~ green blk plug
red/blk ~ red/blk white plug
yellow/green ~ yellow/green blk plug
red/yellow ~ red/blue go into blk and yellow plug
green/ blue ~ green/blue blk plug

anything anyone feel is wrong lmk asap and i fix it

for Mounting into dash linked here

Thanks to HellsDrifter 666 and Nurvcom from Zilvia.net