99-04 1st gen Toyota Solara (XV20)

My buddy Joe was a HUGE Camry guy and that is all he owned. He put me up on Solaras (Camry Solara). I don't know why, but I like Solaras. Based off the Camry, the Solara is a long coupe. There is also a convertible version. Convertibles remain the top seller for this model.

The Solara comes FF layout, powered by 4 cylinder or V6. Auto and manual is offered. These are staring to pop in junkyards, unfortunately.

There are some great Solara sources out there and some great enthusiasts. I would talk to guys on ToyotaNation forums and Solaraguy.com

The Solara came out during an era that companies were making aftermarket parts. So there were tons of body kits to choose from back then.

Unfortunately, that era is gone and so were the companies that mas produced body kits for many cars.