92-94 Acura Vigor (CC2/3)

My M30 and Vigor

While my friend Zol had a Legend, I eventually picked up an Acura Vigor. One of my friends in Japan who was part of the Vigor/Inspire owner's club sent me some JDM headlights! I loved it, but when I moved, I had to sell it.

 The crazy thing was it had a 5cylinder engine, G25A. It was kinda interesting  seeing people trip out about it.

Nothing like Blacked out JDM one piece headlights

The Vigor was super misundertsood and ignored. I loved and hope one day to build one to full potential!!!

Some companies did make body kits for it and during the early to mid 2000s, some Vigor folks built some really cool Vigors.

Glad to see that there are Vigor enthusiasts who keep the car going!!!