91-97 2nd gen Mitsubishi Expo/Chariot (UF)

I believe this generation (2nd) was actually the version first set up in North America, meaning we never got the 1st generation, unless it was sold under a different name.

Expos are mini vans, but not overly large.

When searching for information, it seems there is a confusion between the Expo van and the Expo LRV, which is shorter and sportier.

Since ti was smaller, most of the people opted to buy a "regular sized mini van". This is a 7 seater.

I recently came upon one at a local wrecking yard and decided to check it out. Decent amount of space and the trunk had a the lower compartment that could be removed to have a deeper space if needed.


  1. One good thing about this generation is that it still had a ladder-frame, which makes it easier to do upgrades or other adaptations.


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