90-96 1st gen Infiniti G20/ Primera (P10)

The first gen G20. The small luxury car. Everytime I bought literature for the M30, G20 and Q45 stuff would be attached.

The G20 was the entry level small sedan that Infiniti offered, while the M30 was middle and the Q45 was tops.

I didn't see much aftermarket offered to G20s during the Import era, but there were some. I was cool with a group of G20 guys from a local Nissan forum, but when that forum became 240sx/drifting focused, all these guys that never owned a Nissan, but became 240 guys, were putting down FF Nissans. It broke up the group and other Nissans splintered to other forums. These guys went to SR20forums, but mainly G20.net

 Here is a nicely done G20, simple and clean!

 The Primera, like many other cars, was slightly different, even though they are suppose to be the same chassis.

I think either the tail lights were upgraded or it was different all together.

What I love is seeing G20's being used at full potential. In this instance, people raced them

Autech version

Impul Primera

Primera Traveller

Let's seen some Diana Kit!!!