88-98 2nd gen Nissan Praire/Axxess (M11)

The Nissan Prairie was offered in North America as the Nissan Axxess. While I do believe they were offered in AWD and 5spd manual, many are automatic and FWD. These are one of my favorite small vans. I haven't come across a 5spd, AWD version because I would have scooped it up!!!
These are pretty much smaller sized minivans by US standards. Before the SUV became fan fair, Japan offered a variety of smaller sized vehicles in AWD. These were MPV (Multipurpose vehicles). To meet demands of Americans (we are bigger and want more space) companies did their best offer bigger vehicles.

It appears a company in the UK (or Europe) is offering a high top conversion at one point. 
Most of the pictures I found were from Spottedlaurel on flickr. That person does an awesome job of finding cool Japanese cars of yesterday. Follow Spottedlaurel. 

He mentioned in his flickr that the High top conversion were called "Brotherwood" conversion. He also mentioned that they might have rust problems as he's seen them on the high top conversions.

by Spottedlaurel on flickr. 

 5 spd manual Axxess do exist!!!