09- present Toyota Venza (AGV10/GGV15)

 The Toyota Venza is a SUV, but I've heard it as a "crosssover". Typical as of today there are a few cars that are in between SUV, truck, van, wagon...

The Venza looks really nice IMO. I was able to rent one and Loved

Chassis code and info - Credit to Toyotanation.com/ Jeff Lange.

AGV10 = 2.7L FWD (1AR-FE)
AGV15 = 2.7L AWD (1AR-FE)
GGV10 = 3.5L FWD (2GR-FE)
GGV15 = 3.5L AWD (2GR-FE)

All Wheel Drive with 3.5lt.  Yes!!

Slammed! by Sportlux

Sportlux again!!!