94-99 1st gen Honda Oddysey (RA1-5)

The 1st gen Honda Odyssey was based of the Accord. It was also a FF layout with a 2.2 or 2.3 inline 4 cylinder and 4 speed automatic.

JDM grill with Big H emblem

Camper version!


Interestingly, Japan's Odyssey is offered with a better set up! The RA2 and RA4 models had an option of 4WD. The RA5 chassis was the Prestige model and came with a 3.0 V6




H22a Swap. I got this from honda-tech from Trequarista 10

I would start with the engine that I got is a H22A4 out of a 2000 prelude. I'm staying with my original F22B6 transmission.

Engine mount, all i need was just the driver side mount (engine bracket as well as rubber mount) from 92-96 prelude, doesn’t matter if they are H22 or H23 they both work, a little bit of trimming needed to fit the mount into the frame slot, no hardcore in here. Dont get the mount from 97-01 prelude, they wont work. The rest of the mount I just use it from the ody.

Engine harnesses I reuse the odyssey harnesses, since all the prelude harness got only passenger side shock tower connector, while odyssey got both shock tower connector, and Yes I have to extend and add more wires.
The wires that i added was 2 for IAB,3 FOR VTEC, these 5 wires needs to be wired from the engine to the ECU, while 1 more wire need to added from shock tower to the ecu which for RPM.
For the wires that need to be extended since Im using the odyssey harnesses was the alternator wires, iacv as well as the distributor since h22a use external coil.

Power steering pump, ac compressor as well as the alternator, I reuse it from odyssey, but got to be mix with prelude power steering pump bracket, as well as the alternator bracket.but for the ac com bracket they are the same. i also reuse f22b6 crank pulley and since i use f22b6 crank pulley im not able to use the f22b6 alternator belt, so i source another belt that for corvette and the dayco part number was 5040410.

Distributor, f22b6 as well as H22A1 use the internal coil while H22A4 use external coil, unless but if you use H22A1 internal coil dizzy, you will need to add more wires since my 96 ody is OBD2 and it got the crank sensor on the crank itself, instead of in the dizzy, so I just convert it to H22A4 external coil.

Exhaust header, I have to use the H22A4 exhaust headers and extend as well reweld the odyssey down pipe flange, so I can reuse the rest of odyssey exhaust.

Axles, since Im re-using ody auto tranny, so I just reuse everything from my ody.

Injectors, gotta get it from H22A1 or you can reuse the ody injector, thats what im running at the moment until I found the H22A1 injector.

Throttle body, Im reusing my odyssey throttle body, because odyssey throttle body got 3 cable hooked up to it, instead of 2, but the cruise control and pedal cable is too long, you have to fabricate the cable mounting for it, I havent, I just make my own **** and the moment as long as I can use my pedal, but not the cruise control. I will fool around with it when i got time.

ECM………Now this is the fun part, I cant cover if you have an OBD1 ody since I wasn’t paying attention to it, and my odyssey is 96 so its OBD2, and it got TCM and ECM built in 1 unit, unlike the OBD1 Ody. So I bought a JDM P0F ECM and TCM, it was cheap, only $100 for both of them.

Since I couldn’t find anybody selling an Automatic conversion harness, So I bought a OBD conversion harness and I re-pin everything my self, heres the ebay link for the conversion harness.

For this part, all the pin location follow it from 95 Prelude SRV with H22A1, and plus your TCM pin location, and you should be golden.
Heres the link for the guidance for the ECM pin location.

OBD1 Plug by Katman

This article exploits a combination of ECU pin locations and wire colors for all M/T '92-95 Civic / '92-95 Integra / '92-95 Prelude VTEC and NON-VTEC vehicles.


Below is an example that shows the common onboard male connectors for a Honda OBD1 ECU.
Take note of plugs: A, B, and D.

The 4-plug OBD1 connector image below is proof these do exist and are usually found on JDM AUTO 92-95 Civic, Integra, and Preludes.
Sorry - I do not have pin schematics for the JDM 4-plug OBD1 ecu! Although, connectors A B D should technically be the same pin locations as a 5spd 3-plug OBD1 ECU.

Applicable for JDM Accords / Preludes

So far I’ve driven it for about 1500Km on, shift great and everything works fine and perfect, the only check engine light that I got was for EGR, and what I found is the JDM ECU got a different EGR lift point perimeter, and I haven’t really get deep in it yet, so I don’t know it doesn’t bother me anyway.

That’s it for now, that’s all I can remember.

But please please and please contact me via email at trequartista_10@hotmail.com if you have any other questions, I was in your shoes before so im really willing to help anyone.

For a 5pd swap from Honda-tech and vincem

in my swap i used the stock prelude setup ,pedals and master cylinder the bolts on the master are long enuff so being u need to bring the pedal away from the firewall some u will put bolts and washers to bring out what u need