89-99 1st gen Mazda MPV (LV5W)

So common. I never had one, but I have always admired the 4WD version. I know tons of guys that would off road any vehicle that had some type of 4WD system.

I felt these were somewhat of an actual mpv (multi purpose vehicle) as they are offered in Japan.
This generation of the MPV is also a 4 door, which all doors are hinged. The 2nd generation is more like a van with the sliding doors.

The MPV is powered by 2.5, 2.6 4 cylinder or a V6. Engine was in the front, but the MPV came in rwd or 4WD. Automatic and manual was available.

The bad thing is that these crossovers between a van and a SUV was that it had bad gas mileage and headgasket issues. Hopefully the head gasket deal was due to materials as many head gaskets have improved tremedously.

America as expected

Japan as expected.

Japan.. as expected.

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