End of an Era: Mitsubishi to end US production


Even with the Evolution Lancer being a hit, other models have not been successful. There was some displeasure with the new generation Galants and Eclipses' design.

But let us be straight forward. The EVO is legendary and people want a powerful sports car... this AWD and Turbocharged.

The older model galants and eclipses were somewhat attractive and even can be found with the AWD and turbo as specific version.

But the design que's have been either bland looking the same, these cars became even more bulkier looking. (This is subjective).

****Mitsubishi cars are still gonna be sold in the US, just not manufactured.

"The automaker's President and Chief Operating Officer Tetsuro Aikawa was speaking at a news conference after the company confirmed plans to end already-dwindling production at its sole North American plant, in Normal, Illinois, and serve the U.S. market from plants in Japan and Thailand.
At its peak in the early 2000s, the Normal plant built more than 200,000 cars a year. Last year, production of the Outlander SUV totaled 69,178, according to Mitsubishi Motors."