87-93 6th generation Mitsubishi Galant (E33/39A)

Many of these came FWD, but I personally like the styling. One of my friends had the normal Galant and I just loved the way it looked.

 The era of styling that the late 80's-90's change between boxy and curvy was happening to many cars.

There are a few versions, but the obvious one that people loved is the VR-4.

 AMG tuned Galant had an motor kicking 170hp, a body kit, leather seats. I believe this was before AMG was owned by Mercedes.

 Bumper lights!

For Mitsubishi, to enter the VR-4 was introduced for the World Rally Championships. This was the beginning of the idea of the Lancer Evolution.

The VR-4 was sold in America with limited units. Powered by the 4G63 DOHC motor with AWD.

 This is 04Evo8RS 's (on evolutionm.net) 92 VR-4.
Not only is his car super clean, I love the Euro grill the fog lights.

He sold his car, but mentioned that the grill was from Europe and were part of a limited production with some making it state side.

I love the look as it just matches the car IMO.

Up close!

Personally, I like body kits, and there were a few available from US companies but in Asia and Europe, there was more options.

 This was 2000's tuning. There were "Evo kits" for many cars, but basically the huge fog lights for that rally look.

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