07-12 4th generation Nissan Altima sedan (L32A) and coupe (D32)

I love the look of this Altima. The lights became more aerodynamic looking and wrapped with the body well.  I got to drive one for 2 days when I rented a car to travel to Washington state. It asked for the 2.5, but it wasn't available, so I got the 3.5 (270 hp) as a free upgrade.

I haven't seen many of these kitted, but I've seen some clean ones driving around.

Here are some headlight and tail light upgrades.

Projector halo headlights

LED tail lights with black houseing.

D32 Altima Coupe

 I was driving to work about a month ago and a coupe drove past me. At first I thought it was a G35 or 37 version, but when I saw the rear and it had Altima, I was was floored!

The coupe is sleek and very attractive IMO. The SE is powered by the 3.5 V6.


Pretty Sexy coupe!!!!

The altima was also available in hybrid. The motor kicked out about 198 HP.