94-99 Nissan 200sx (US)/ Lucino (B14)

The Nissan 200sx was a coupe that replaced the NX 1600/2000.

In other parts of the world, the 200sx could mean a Nissan Silva, as the motor was an SR20. But in the US, the Lucino was known as the 200sx.

I don't know why, but I did not see that many in Washington State in the 2000s.

My friend Jon had a 200sx and was also an SE-R. I tried to recruit him to our team, but he didn't focus on his car as much as people in the team wanted him to.

I felt the 200sx was another car that was overlooked. Even stock, it wasn't that bad.

But, I did not see many people building these and I did not see much aftermarket support.

The body of the Lucino is very sleek to me. I love how it looks.

The 200sx is marketed as the 2 door coupe version of the sentra which was a sedan.

Here is a picture of a damaged Lucino with the name plate.

Best info and forum I've seen for G20s, Sentras and 200sx

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