94-96 Infiniti J30/ Nissan Leopard J. Ferie (JY32)

The J30 is one of those underrated cars because people can't deal with the rear end styling. Seriously, people pass up on this car based on that. I owned an M30 and felt that these "brothers" are on the same boat as far as aftermarket love (in the US, basically nothing) and following. By following, I need to say that there are enthusiasts and then there are drifters.
The J30 came with a VG30DE V6. In Japan, it came with the VH41 V8 as shown. The styling of the rear does affect the trunk space, which limits it. I also feel the sloping of the back affects room as well.

The aftermarket for this vehicle is very little to nothing unfortunately. But it is another nice car that people overlook.

Some of the JDM differences is the tail lights. The lettering in the center piece doesn't come on Infiniti J30s.

Analog clock!