94-01 Mitsubishi 3000 GT/ GTO (Z15A)

 The GTO had a cosmetic upgrade with the headlights being changed to projectors. While it was discontinued in America after 1997, it was continued in Japan.

One of my team mates here in America had N/A 3000GT and while it wasn't as awesome as a Twin Turbo, it was amazing to cruise in. It does catch you attention and with a body kit (my buddy had a full Bomex kit) it was very eye catching.

One of my neighbors had a Yellow 3000GT VR-4 with some upgrades and it was amazing to take a ride in it. Very quick for a heavy car.

One of my team mates in Japan had one that was built. One the freeway, it was a beast and with all the upgrades it was powerful and quick. Made me fall in love with it!