3rd Generation Acura/Honda Integra (DC2)

If I can say one of the most iconic and tunable cars around, the Integra is the pinnacle. Yes, a Civic has the same ability, but the integra was already a performance vehicle (DOHC, disc brakes...etc) all around. Basic civic upgrades would include things from an Integra.

I don't want to get too much into it because these cars have been THOROUGHLY build in various ways from wild style, to RWD, to turbo 4 to V6 to even a Blown V8! Super interesting.

Well, I always like to address cars in their stock form because that is how I usually buy my cars.

People can hate Hondas, but they can't deny that they brought in an era for imports. Yes, before drifting was available, these were the cars that majority of people would build. Aside from the FD RX7 and Toyota Supra, these were relatively cheaper and the aftermarket was overly saturated with parts for everything!

The issue with the Integra, was that it was versatile for civics.


 Stock, these cars look great. As advertised, 2 door hatch and 4 door sedan.

The lower trim levels were the non vtec which was the LS and GS (I believe). The one that stood out was the GSR because of the Vtec 1.8 motor.

The 4 door has always caught my attention as I began to really take in the functionality of it. 
 The Pinnacle of Integras is the Type R version. In Japan, these came with 1 piece headlights, totally different than the American version with projectors. (Honda Integras in general came with 1 piece headlights, the Type R being blacked out vs the all chrome versions found in the regular trims).

Even the American Version of the Type R, which shown here, had inevitable to come out as it was SUCH A POPULAR CAR!

 Can't really hate on the "ITR" in pure form.