Infiniti M30 and f31club

After my 2000 civic was destroyed by an attempted theft (I know the a**hole who tried to steal it), I decided to look for another different car.

I first check out the A31 Cefiro in Vancouver BC. They hit the 15yr limit, so they could import cars. The US, it is 25yrs. So this did not go anywhere as much as I wanted it, even with money to pay upfront. Couldn't drive it back to Washington State.

I then decided to look at an Infiniti Q45. When searching Craigslist, I saw an Infiniti M30 in Anacortes (way out there). The ad was first for $800, then $500.. running, but with starter problems.

I did a quick search online and I found a bbs board and it was pretty much the only one. So that uniqueness captured my attention and when I saw that it was called a Nissan Leopard, I felt I could build something nobody else had.

So one day I drove out there and checked it out. I loved how it drove and it felt very torque to me.

I pulled up after the test drive and the guy was tells me, "$100, I need out of my yard". He also had a 4 banger mustang and other American car he offered for the same price.

He explained that his wife's brother was in jail and he left the cars to him. He didn't want them and needed off the yard (his in law's house).

I didn't hesitate and drove it home after.

Shortly after, I jumped on the forums again to find out it is now F31club. I poked around and asked questions. It was a really small and intimate site, which I totally loved. But it was not super active besides a few people.

At some point, I was accepted and started to post as much information on the M30 as I could find. Started to throw ideas and eventually decided to be personal with people.

JC, who owned and made the site, said he needed a front bumper and I said okay. We went 50/50 on an M30 and I drove to Northern California to give him the bumper. I then met up with as many f31club members as I could and it became the first M30 meet in the states (The Hawaiian guys beat us to it). After my reputation grew with them and on the forum, I decided to go to So Cal and did the same thing.

It was great. I love f31club and it brought many of us together and even now, guys are more than forum members.

Out of all my cars, the M30 became my identity. I pushed it on many forums, especially nissan and infiniti boards.

My friends in Japan sent me packages with JDM Leopard parts and I was fortunate to have these parts before anyone else did.


When I put everything on hold while I go to school, I also lost track of f31club. JC told me I was the spirit of f31club, which made me feel great, but sad that I had abandoned it for school.

After a few hack attacks, it was shut down.


I had sold my m30, without the parts, for the Previa.

Getting back in contact with many of my f31club guys, and JC giving me the website, I feel invigorated for f31club again.

Expect it to soon be up.