Import scene explosion and then my hiatus from 2006-2014

I was really attached to the car scene for many years.

Straight out of high school, I got into cars, because I had a Honda civic. It was one of the hot cars to have  and the aftermarket exploded for Hondas.

Car shows were out of this world... Hot Import Nights and Daze, Import Revolutions... you name it. The big shows.

Forums were flooded with people and was very active with ideas and what not.

Car meets were common and teams/clubs started to pop up everywhere.

Race events started to open up and Hondas were the the ones that on the tracks.. Hondas of all cars were decently fast.

Then drifting came about.. Drift events and shops and all types of cool stuff became available to cars that initially had NOTHING such as 240sx or a 2nd Gen Mazda Rx7.

Various magazines came out and videos came out... It was very interesting.

I was very attached to the car scene and I loved it!! After I came back from Japan in 2006, the manufacturing company I was working at hit a huge snag. After years of growth, suddenly there was huge competition from China and all kinds of unexpected crisis happened. Gas prices, housing bubble/collapse...

I was on the verge of buy a house in WA. Then my wife said to me, "Do you see yourself at Mikron for the next 10yrs".  My answer was simply, "No".

I had made the decision to go back to school and find a career. Not a job, A career that could sustain my wife and me.

All my hobbies were put on hold.

I sold my cars. I kept my M30 and 240sx and used them in California.

One problem, I could not do major work because I didn't have space.


I focused on school and work (I started to work in the medical field). Soon, we realize that the 240 would have to go and we need to get a bigger vehicle.. so this lead to the 240sx to be sold and the introduction of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

2008-2010 - Was all school and pre reqs
2010-2012 - was when I got into the Cardiovascular program and all my attention was focused on that.
2012-present - I started working in cardiology as an echocardiography technologist.
2014 - my second boy came along and I picked up a Toyota Previa.

So I have slowly got back into the car scene and realized how much I loved it and seeing how much as changed. Shows are not as awesome as before. Tons of bandwagoners and snobs who think they are better than everyone because of their cars and now parts are very scarce for many vehicles.

Such a dramatic change.....