88-91 2nd generation Honda CRX (EF6/7/8)

Along with Civics (I feel CRXs are their own beast) and Integras, These Hondas brought prominence to FWD imports.

While there ARE/WERE import enthusiasts  (FB rx7, Datsuns Z), the every day person could build these cars and enjoy them.

When the aftermarket started to cater to these cars, these vehicles became the cars of choice because there were so many options.

All the body kit companies made something. People swapped in the B16/18 and turbo'd the CRX... I was a great platform to drag race with. People customized the body to be exotic with tail light conversions and body work...

RSX tail lights

This was the "blitz/battle kit front"

wide body

wide body kit became a production piece.

BMagic Aero 

Original conversion - Supra tail lights.