85-91 2nd gen Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) and my RX7 story.

My cars in 2003 - FC RX7 on the right.
I bought my FC RX7 off a friend who was focused on his 86 Corolla back in 2003. He had started the V8 swap and finished it up to get it running. He unfortunately took many short cuts and I had to fix many of them.

One problem helped me get into the junkyard obsession. The passenger side handle would not open. He tried to figure it out, but couldn't. I looked at it and found it was missing a spring. I went to the pic n pull and found an RX7. Looked in side and figured out the handle and got the parts needed. I then saw it has back seats. I took everything out and installed it in my rx7, including the seat belts. I paid $25 for the seats.

I then jumped on rx7club.com and initially was good with tons of the guys, but got hate from a few people too!


When I moved to California, I thought I would be able to find a place and I would be able to work on even more.. and that never happened. I realized that my move to California was gonna be a long term deal and I realized that I should sell it (big mistake!!) So I sold it.

While I had it, I would get hate from rotary guys... and I get it being a purist. But something that was pretty cool was that my friends in Japan... they loved it!

Visiting Japan, I stopped by R Magic and RE Amemiya.


The FC is iconic in drifting... But what I felt was the influence for drifters here in the US to get it was that Initial D.

The Type 1 was the first version. Type II was offered a turbo version. Slight differences.

13B Rotary was offered in all of them.

Additionally, 2 door coupe, but also a convertible! Also, as I said previous, some were 2+2 with small back seats (cat seats), while most had the 2 storage compartments in the rear.

Before drifting came about, there were pure enthusiasts for the RX7 and the V8 RX7 hotrod crowd. Then drifting came along and with it people getting access to Japanese parts!

Now there was a plethora of parts.

Earl's FC truck