More awesome Z car kits

After seeing the Primadonna Z, it made me think back to when I had my Zs and wanted to get an outlandish kit! (this never came to fruition because when my friend gave me the Zs, hey didn't have the proper paper work from the previous owners).

Primadonna Z was really a pinnacle in my mind. It transformed a car into something you couldn't recognize.

When I was into the Z, I would talk to many of the local Z guys and most of them used swapped in Chev 350s or High output Ford 5.0s in them.

But I remember those "hot rodders" also loved changing the look of the Z.

I got some of these from Ken on facebook page "Datsun parts and needs"
Others from Ztrix

First off, is the Z vette by Diasetti Motors

The California Z

these next ones come from Ztrix... While many people might not like them, It is truly nice to see folks that do change things up IMO..

Velo Rossa complete kit - $6000

280YZ $1700

940Z - $1700

IMSA $2300