90-93 2nd gen Isuzu Impulse/Piazza/ Geo Storm (JT22)

My buddy Lee had a Geo Storm and I remember we skipped one day during college (there were 4 of us) and jumped in his Storm and drove to Seattle. It was fun and cramped!!! LOL. 3 of us a big guys too!!!

I always looked at the Geo Storm as a tiny camero!!! LOL. Lee was somewhat in tune with the Geo Storm scene as he told me that the sister car was the Impulse. I would see one years later and with the pop up headlights.


The Impulse came as a FWD with 1.6L. There was an AWD version with a turbocharged motor as well.

Usually a 2 door coupe, the rare version was the 2 door wagonback. I don't think I have seen one.

The US version is called the Geo Storm, which had square headlights.
This was also offered in Japan as the "Piazza PA Nero"

Cleanest one I've seen!!! credit - car-specs.com