Rant - Facebook pages vs forums

Social media has changed everything.

We instantly connect with people.

Before facebook, we had forums and while many forums have gone down and not revived, it is survived by the members.

While I do like facebook pages, I also value forums. There is history and nostalgic feel to forums. But this is when people put their ideas and build threads into use.

This was were information is stored.

And again, DOCUMENTATION of the people first ones to do it.

It's 2016, and I start to see a trend on all the FB pages, even with the M30.

This makes me feel like it is more of a trend for approval deal.

You get a car and all you do is post on facebook? Never looked at forums?

I'm seeing guys ask questions that were discussed and solved YEARS ago, documented on forums.. but they are too lazy to log on or make an account and want help from the members on FB pages that have the information.

But I get it, people like to do all the things at once. Check posts on Facebook and its all there. But nothing wrong with doing a bit of research outside of FB.

Just my opinion.