80-84 Datsun 810 Maxima (910) / Bluebird

The 1st Gen Maxima was a "Datsun". It was available as a Sedan and Wagon. These came in gas and diesel powered. These were also RWD!

Kinda confusing, but this is the 1st gen Maxima, but the 2nd gen 810 or 910.

Compared to the previous model (77-79), these were offered with a square headlights.

Now that people are pick up retro rides, this model has a small following. It is actually great to see the potential of these cars go.

While a buddy of mine has one and I'm on the facebook group for the "goon", I still have a lot to learn.

The curse of older rare cars follows as well. Finding replacement parts and even finding a parts car can be tough.

Stateside, these were offered in 4 door sedan and wagon with the 280zx powerplant (people would also convert using that 5spd transmission).

In other places, a the bluebird coupe version was available. Again, the headlights and grill do not fit due to the long nose/short nose deal..

these are highly sought headlights!

2 rare cars - M30 and 910

I found a 910 in the junkyard and picked up these items. The headlight doors/bezel, turn signal and a digital gauge cluster!!! Which I did not know they came with.

Info for the 810 maxima can be found on many forums.

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