01-07 Suzuki Aero/Helio (RB/RD21S)

I remember when the Suzuki Aerio came out. I personally liked it because it was small, came with AWD option and I loved the 5 door hatchback. Aerios also had a factory "body kit" which made them more attractive (at least to me). My friends (being Honda guys - remember the era was in the early 2000s) didn't even pay no mind.
Unfortunately, Suzuki lost steam and closed their North American branch.

Nonetheless, these I felt were great cars especially that not many people were looking at them.
 Offered in 4 door sedan or 5 door hatchback. FF or AWD option too.

In Japan, the motor was DOHC 1.8, but in North America, a 2.3 lt motor was offered as well.

Digital gauge cluster!!!

Aftermarket options, Body kit by AIT Racing.