03- XX Honda Vamos and Vamos Hobio (HM3/4/HJ1/2)

The Honda Vamos is a Kei van. Engine is 660cc motor, but set up as MR (mid engine, RWD) and also AWD. 3 and 4 speed auto and 5sp manual transmission.

I'm very bias to vans because I think of their functionality.. and well, the Vamos proves that small vans can still be awesome!

So there are 2 versions. Normal Vamos and Vamos Hobio... I'm guessing Hobio is related to hobby.

A bike in the Vamos

Modulo version has a bit of Aero kit and I'm sure upgraded goodies.

Shelving unit

 Pop Top!!!!

 Okay, Possibly a retro kit?
Vanning hits all vans!

And of course, Imitation of American Vans!!


This last version is kinda interesting. It is the Mooa Vamos, European (Citron) Classic?

Couldn't find more info on it, but found it interesting.