2001 Yulon Nissan EQ 7200-II and III (U13)

In 2002, one of my friend's from Taiwan was telling me about the Nissan Bluebird there. I would always try to learn the car scene where some of my friends lived.

He told me the Nissan Bluebird was different (I was showing him my friend's U13 Altima). This has always stuck in my head that the different countries that have variants to other cars is pretty interesting. Imagine someone doing that front end conversion here in the US.

Years later, I found the Chinacarforums and explored it and found tons of info.

The original U13 was modified by the Yulon company using the U13 platform. It was given the EQ 7200-II name plate.

Later, the EQ 7200-III came out and was a bit longer. Here are the photos I could find from auto.marine-news.biz website.

EQ 7200-II Bluebird

EQ 7200-III