13-present 3rd gen Mitsubishi Outlander (GF7/8W) - (2nd gen in Japan)

I rented the 2016 version of the Outlander, this is the updated look with LED lighting under the headlight projectors. This is the updated version of the Outlander's front end. Very aggressive looking.

What I found out is that while this is 3rd gen in the US, it is 2nd gen in Japan.

I had a 1st gen Outlander and loved the SUV. So I was very happy when I was given this for a rental!

The front end has a lot of chrome accents. Bumper with headlights make the Outlander look aggressive, but the headlight design as of this year, 2016, is similar in design with all manufactures of cars as of current.

Body is definitely a bit longer

Love the back end.

All Wheel control.

The interior was spacious. Of course the updated options. Center console by arm rest had heated seat buttons and AWC button. Very cool stuff!!!!

I've noticed that many cars don't have a plastic emblem in the steering wheel no more.

SOHC 16valve V6 motor. Yet, there was tons of space behind the motor and in general, the engine bay was pretty big.

Trunk space was pretty generous. Also, there is additional cargo space as the floor will fold up to reveal 4 compartments.Of course Tonneau cover.

The power and torque was there and it was responsive, tiny bit a lag, but once it gripped, it moved.


2012-2014, the front end was different. Side by side comparison