06-13 1st gen Nissan Livina (L10)

Regular version
The Livina is made by the Yulon  and Dongfeng plants in China.  It is mainly in South East Asia, but has been exported to the UK and Brazil. It is powered from 4 cylinders ranging from 1.5-1.8 with auto and manual transmissions.

There are 2 versions of the 1st gen. 5 seater hatchback and the slightly longer 7 seater version that looks like a wagon.

Longer version
 I'm also fascinated with cars that are offered in other countries and have variations.


Jual Bodykit

Jual Bodykit

Air Master kit

Well done Grand Livina - credit http://www.gettinlow.com/okys-2011-nissan-grand-livina/ 

 Another version of the Livina is the X Gear. I believe it only stayed on the shorter version of the Livina. The exterior characteristics gives it a more "rugged" look. Almost like how Subaru did Legacy and Impreza Outbacks.