01-08 1st gen Mitsubishi Outlander/ Airtrek (CU5W)

Back story: When I started to drift away from the car scene, it was a time that I was going through school and starting a family. My wife didn't want the 240sx as a family car and she was right. So I sold it. I then decided I want either a Subaru or Mitsubishi vehicle since I've had the other companies.

Quick search on craiglist, I was kinda set on a Subaru Forester. I've always liked them. But many of them were 5spd and my wife did not go for it. I then saw an ad for 2 used 06 Mitsubishi Outlanders. This was in 2009, so we jumped on it. We checked out both and the one I wanted (AWD) had lower miles, but my wife didn't like the smell (previous smoker apparently). Then we looked at this white one. It had slightly higher mileage, but it was clean and still smelt new. But it was FWD. I decided to get it since everything was in good condition.

The 06 version had the better tail lights (red and clear) as opposed to the previous "Altezza" style tail lights. The front head lights were chrome (previous years had black housing), which was okay with me. I was hoping to score some blacked housing ones in the junkyard or ebay... but that never came about.

What I wanted to do with the Outlander? Well, years before, Super Street magazine featured a guy that did an Airtrek swap.. front end and motor (Turbo). I always had that as a dream!!! That also alluded me.

My first son Jacob came about and the Outlander was awesome. When my 2nd little boy came about, I decided to get a van. I loved the Outlander and did not want it to go to strangers. So when my in laws moved to Vancouver BC, we sold them the car. So I still get to drive it and enjoy it when I go to Vancouver.

Once I started looking for ways to hook up the Outlander, I found little to no options!!! No lips or lowering springs... I was kinda upset about it.

The Outlander is powered by a 2.4 4 cylinder motor. The turbo 2.4 version never came to the US. There was a manual and AWD option as well. I had the 4spd auto with the INVECS 5spd shifting.

As you see in my picture, I had the roof racks, but no running boards. The Outlanders with no roof racks always felt naked to me! LOL.

VIS offered this at one point, but I don't think they have any in stock.

Airtrek front reminded me of GS 300. The inner lights is just too much of a reminder. But it does give it a more aggressive and when the Turbo R came about... it became a beast!

Gialla Kit

Possibly aftermarket? 1st gen had the Altezza look.

Sigma Speed tail lights! http://sigma-speed.co.jp/mt/shop/index.php?cate=1194158472