Mazda's Luxury division: Amati

I was blown away to hear that Mazda attempted to make a luxury division because I have never heard of it and found out it failed to launch due to recession. When you see the American Mazda cars, you can see some luxury in them. Mazda Millenia and Mazda 929 show this, I almost want to say the 626 as well.

While it was meant to compete with Acura, Infiniti and Lexus, it never came about.

The line up was suppose to include these cars:

Amati 300 - Eunos 500
Amati 500 - Eunos 800 aka Millenia
Amati 1000- MS9/Sentia
Amati coupe - Eunos Cosmo

 They say the Amait 1000 was suppose to be the impressive one with a W12 motor.