Junkyard Blues - 87 Nissan Maxima with electronic package

I saw this Maxima at a local junkyard, but I was surprised to see it have a digital gauge cluster. I don't think I have seen it mentioned too often. As I am on a mission to save these, I was more than happy to get it out!

This is the electronics package version.

Initially, I thought this was part of the stereo system, maybe even a tape deck due to the "Push open" part. This model maxima also came with equalizers and all.

Upon further looking, and pushing that open, it is a climate control!

Air to the face, body/legs (I am assuming) and foot.

Additionally, I was surprised to see a drive computer. The previous PU11 Maxima I seen did not have the electronics package, so all this was not available.

The only thing I got from the other Maxima was the Audible Warning.

Very cool stuff to check out.