86-89 3rd Gen Honda Accord Digital dash swap

Credit - AccordB20A from 3geez.com

"i present you the digi-dash. (A/T)

Its complete from the cluster to control box, wiring loom for dash and the fuel tank sender. Also comes with the JDM push button heater control buttons.

This dash has a fuel usage calculator that counts down from 10L when your fuel light comes on, So you know (right down to 3 liters) how much fuels in the tank. It also has a Liters Used counter that you can reset when you like. Using this with a trip meter can get a very accurate KM/L calculation. It reads the fuel used from a terminal on the ecu which is a signal from #2 injector through a resistor so you can use it with B swaps etc as long as the injectors are 240cc. Theres two trip meters, average speed and counts travel time also. The Gauge reads in KM/H from 0 to 180. Revs 0 to 8. Fuel and temp gauges are both digital bar type. All in all this is a pretty hot little dash for its time.

Im thinking this thing has to be worth at least $800??

dash unit and surround:

Control box for dash:

Special 5 wire fuel guage sender:

Complete dash wiring loom. free JDM heater buttons..

Special Dash dimmer box and dimmer knob:

Great post. The digital dash was never offered in America. It is either JDM or exported to the likes of Europe, Australia or New Zealand in B20 powered Accords.


  1. Do you still have this dashboard, how much you want for it and

  2. Guys, it was a link to the forums. I don't have the dash


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