84-88 2nd gen Nissan Maxima (U11)

My friend's older brother drove one of these back when I was in middle school. He took us out and one time and I remember how cool it was because it had a digital dash and when the door would be open, there was a voice recording telling us.

That was big pimping back then!

This 2nd gen maxima was the change from the previous Datsun 810/ Maxima because it became FWD.

This Maxima was still long and spacious.

I even remember it the lights going almost across the whole dash.

Long and Boxy!

Found this online! One of the very few that someone actually put time to make it unique.

Big E on Maxima.org.  He has really put the effort in to his 2nd generation Maxima!!!

Some also have key buttons on the doors
(f you car isn’t a SE you should have the keypad on the door, if it does have the keypad and you don’t know the code look inside the trunk where the deck speakers are mounted should be some box's there one is a amp for the stereo and one should say keyless or something like that. You want to write down all the numbers from the center should be like 3-4 sets of numbers (around 4-7 numbers) follow the directions to set a new code so you can use the key pad. Now go back outside the car to the keypad.
Hit the clear button, then punch that number into your keypad, then you'll hear a long, sustained beep. While it's sounding the beep, enter your NEW key code into it. it has to be at least 3 or 4 numbers, forget the total. When you're done punching it in, just stop pushing buttons and let it sit for a few seconds.

When it gets done beeping, hit the clear button again and punch in the code you entered. It should unlock the doors if they're locked. Hit the button with TRK on it and it'll pop the trunk. Hit the WDW or whatever button and it will roll down the front windows.  credit Donaldhayes http://www.nissanforums.com/j30-1989-1994-chassis/102481-i-bought-nissan-maxima-1988-a.html)

When I came across this this past weekend, I couldn't believe a digi cluster!

I was also impressed with the climate control and other electronics in it.

This is known as the electronics package.

Part of the 2nd gen maximas is also the audible warning system (door ajar)


There were companies that offered body kits, or as they used to put in catalogs, ground effects.

Kaminari ground effects.

Wow... Z31 stuff?

As always, the best forum I have ever dealt with about maximas is Maxima.org

*** I believe one of the main issues, as with the Z31 300zx, was the fuel system, mainly injectors that had leak issues. The recall should have been done by now, but if you pick one up, nothing wrong with getting new stuff for an older car.