Junkyard Salvaging

I often go to Junkyards for many reasons. Just like anyone who is building an older car, you find parts you need at a cheap price.

In 2002, I started to go to the junkyards because I had picked up an 89 240sx fastback, 86 mazda rx7, and an 86 toyota Mr2 and 89 toyota cressida.

I didn't realize how vital this was as it was always put in my head to "only get new parts from the dealer" and I had only owned newer cars (93 honda civic hatchback and 2000 hatchback) at this time.

My RX7's driver side handle didn't work and after taking off the door panel, I saw a clip was broken and a rod was bent. I went to the local junkyard and found an rx7. Took those out.

BUT I ALSO FOUND A GEM!!! This RX7 was a 2+2, so it had rear seats (called cat seats because of no legroom). I got everything for $20.

That was my first experience in both finding cool replaceable parts, but also a way to "reverse engineer" a component.

More recent, I always check out parts for my previa and one of the Holy grail pieces is a Cool box. Never sold in the US, came in some models of the previa in Canada. One day I was checking the junkyards and couldn't believe what I had found... in California...and the van had been ripped apart.



Mike Wolf from American Pickers (a favorite show of mine) said, "best time to buy is if you seen something you haven't seen" and that has resonated with me.